Proud to be an Infidel!

Proud to be an Infidel!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Australian 7.62 mm SLR (Based on the FN FAL)

Developed from the French FAL, The SLR was the mainstay of the Australian Army for many years, including the time I served.

It was a heavy SOB (though not as heavy as that M60 mongrel [or as much fun, really]), but the reassuring kick it gave as it's 7.62 round left the barell made up for that.

The French version had a heavier barrell and selective fire (single shot and full auto). The Aussie one had single shot only; thus teaching young diggers it's not the amout of lead you can throw at an ememy; it's how accurate you can deliver them.

The SLR rocked and still does.

Addemdum: DOH! I messed up. FN is a Belgian company, not French.

I knew that!

Anyway, here's a link to info on the FAL family (the whole site is pretty good, excellent even).

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